Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris Floral EDP 50ml

Yves Saint Laurent


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MON PARIS PARFUM FLORAL is a floral and luminous juice where the iconic vertiginous datura flower is enlightened by a floral bouquet of dewy flowers and juicy peach. THE SCENT OF BLOOMING PASSION.

What it does The Sublime, dangerous; a blooming bouquet in tune with the many colours of love; it's every bit as excessive, but just a bit wilder. The scent of blooming passion. MON PARIS PARFUM FLORAL opens with a fruity sharpness composed of zesty bergamot essence, the flesh of pears, zingy raspberries, and the soft sweetness of peach pulp.At the heart of the perfume: the mysterious, alluring datura flower, known for its hypnotic qualities, gives way to the exotic jasmine sambac, uplifted by orange flower and magnolia essence, with the gentle accord of peony.Underpinning it all, the grounding yet sensual patchouli essence, a musk that's provocative and earthy, and cashmere that's as comforting as a lover's embrace.Totally entrancing, as compelling as the craziest of love affairs, it's a floral perfume that's potent, enduring, and utterly sensual. And yet, just like the flightiest of love affairs, it's airy, light, and transparent enough to let your senses carry you away on the breeze, to drfit off to another time, another place, in your head, with your lover.

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