Adashiko Collagen - Sparkling Water




Adashiko Sparkling Collagen Water

Restore, Beautify, Renew.

Replenishing your collagen stores with a premium pure collagen supplement, supports the whole body from the inside out. Leaving you feeling good, with a radiant glow. A natural way to refresh with Parkers Pure Artesian Water & to conveniently get your daily ADASHIKO Collagen dose whenever, wherever your day takes you.

PARKERS Beverage Company + Adashiko have now partnered to create New Zealand’s first pure collagen water. A natural fit where Parkers offers arguably the purest water in the world + Adashiko offers the purest collagen in the world.
There are no additives, flavouring, preservatives or sweeteners, just pure water + pure collagen. Made with Adashiko Pure Collagen.
The finest collagen in the world, right here in New Zealand.

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